Mia Moravis


Mia is Producer of the GRAMMY®-nominated album, AQUAMARINE

(Kirsten Agresta-Copely) ~ Best New Age, Ambient, or Chant album ~

The Grammy Awards® are February 4, 2024!

Mia produces, sings, narrates, plays on AAKASHA (solo: her spoken word, melody, and lyrics for Glimmer!)

Mia narrates her poem, Unique Unto Ourselves, for ARISE TOGETHER album!

The Oscar Wilde Story Suite, distributed by Spoken Realms, now available on Audible!

(New website coming Spring 2024!)

“Mia Moravis is a voice ninja!” ~ Author Thomas R. Clark

NEW! StoryLight Podcast ~ Mia narrates Oscar Wilde’s The Devoted Friend ~ 11 character voices!


Email: mia.moravis@gmail.com ~ Mobile: (703) 489-7450

Twitter and Instagram: @MiaMoravis ~ Facebook: Facebook.com/mia.moravis

NATURAL ACCENTS: American; RP; Scottish; Irish

OTHER ACCENTS: Spanish; French; Welsh; German; Russian. 

Classically trained (National Shakespeare Company, New York, NY)  

(Born in America, raised in Scotland, England and Ireland)


Animated, Assured, Bright, Clear, Comedic, Compelling, Cultured, Elegant,

Experienced, Rich, Silky, Smooth, Versatile, Warm.




I SPEAK GAELIC! (Audiobook-ready in Spanish and French) 


NEW! The Oscar Wilde Story Suite~ distributed by Spoken Realms

HORROR! Thomas R Clark’s The God Provides~ distributed by St. Rooster Press

Two thriller fantasies by Benjamin Smith! ~ ByNX~A Novella and Death and the Single Girl

Oscar Wilde’s The Devoted Friend (StoryLight Podcast~Dir. Gail Shalan)

The Myth of Phaeton; The Myth of Demeter; The Myth of Bellerophon and Pegasus; Too Much The Hero~

The Myth of the Labors of Hercules Broadcast Muse Audio Theatre~Greek Mythology Series

(iHeartRadio iRead2Know & iHeartFamily)

Action Moves People United (#7 on Billboard’s Top Ten Compilation Album)

Thomas Jefferson: A View From The Mountain (Starring Sissy Spacek and Danny Glover) (PBS)

Spooky Troop~Scary Christmas & The Secret Diaries of Tara Tremendous (Wonkybot Studios)